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    A bloke who has been around for 60 years. A bloke who is passionate for creating a truly sustainable society at all levels.  A bloke who is committed to creating strong communities working together.  A bloke who cares what the future holds for our children's children.

    To be part of this I have to engage with others, like me with similar values but most of all I have to have the trust of those people. Without trust I cannot make "About People" happen as I am just one small cog  in its workings. I need the help of others who will share in the success. As  we all  forge  a path of change on a path less traveled.

    The success of  "About People" will only happen because we stand on the shoulders of people greater than us

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    I believe life is constantly testing us for our level of commitment, and life's greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment to act until they achieve. This level of resolve can move mountains, but it must be constant and consistent. As simplistic as this may sound, it is still the common denominator separating those who live their dreams from those who live in regret.

    Anthony Robbins

Creating a Leading Edge


"Without people everything that is our world is nothing"

Bringing together the stories and knowledge to create the opportunity for change in people, communities and business. Making a difference to how we will create the future; bringing you the stories that make the story.


There is one of which many of us are afraid, and that is change.  About People searches out those who want a transition away from the current paradigm, to overcome the challenges that  hold us all back from creating a healthy, vibrant and  sustainable future.

About People is about finding what we have in common with each other. That in part is to  leave a legacy for future generations giving them at least the same access to opportunities that we have currently.  One of the higher objectives  is  returning to  a planet with clean air, water and earth to create a truly sustainable future!




The Individual

About People tells the stories of individuals, their successes, failures and the what, how, when and where of their experiences which have bought them to their current place in life.

Individuals are  the most important part of creating change because they are the starting point for all change.

We look at what is happening and think, "the task  at a global level is too complex".  Yes, that is true. but how can we be part of  our local community where  it is already a integral part of our lives?

About People communicates with individuals giving them the knowledge to act on to achieve the results they want in all parts of their lives.

It is through others that we learn, it is through the sharing of others experiences that allows  us to  hopefully not make the same mistakes.

Your Community

About people will bring the stories that focus on how people are making change in their local community and share those experiences so that others may learn and add to the outcomes within their own community,  no matter where it is.

By engaging in your local community you will be making the changes that also connect you to other communities that have  similar objectives  or challenges. The opportunity to share experiences will results in the  spread of knowledge across th whole country, a country like Australia.

"About People" is about empowering each other to be part of making a difference and being the change makers.

Business connecting to community


Business is the means  by which we provide  employment and many of the goods and services into our communities.

"About People" will be sharing the  stories and experiences of business. Enabling other to learn from those who have been there before. Also to better connect the non-business community to the business community.

"About People" will be searching and engaging with those businesses that have  already  started their journey to becoming truly a sustainable businesses.   These will  have at  the core of their operation strong sustainable principles. There will also those who have just started their journey and "About People" will follow their progress.

There is also the community relationship that business  forges within their local community and how both can work together to achieve mutual outcomes.

The task at hand

It is now our task to bring all this to reality and along the way engage with others  to travel the road less travelled.

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